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Lateral thinking, it is said

05, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What appears nice in written words is not considered well in the spoken language. In our general conversation, certain people call the simple talk between two like-minded people as a part of the meeting. This is just shown to prove importance. Some exaggerate this situation to a little more advanced level. We come across such grandness almost daily. The peculiarity is that these kinds of individuals do not feel shame in an exaggerated statement.

If a sharp minded girl exaggerates that she was reaching a Mall by her parents’ Kwid, a car version. It does not mean fine in view of her social position. When her acquaintances know her factual status there is no need to overstress before them but she develops a habit of speaking in that exaggerated way. She feels the least compunction in concealing her real position particularly before those who are well aware of her standing. Recently a prudent boy asked his quick-witted girlfriend about her location, she patiently answered she was on way to the market for buying a few set of dresses and pieces of pieces of jewellery. She also added that she was moving ahead by her car.

This was certainly her extreme exaggeration. Actually, she was sitting in a private city bus and approaching to some spot. This was apparently cleared because of her boyfriend was hanging behind the same bus. This overstatement pointed to the bookish description like it was so cold I saw polar wearing jackets or I was so hungry I could eat a horse or I had a tonne of chores to do, if I cannot get a smart phone, I will die. This also points out the individual’s tendency towards the hyperbole which they seem to bring in use for stressing upon the ineffectual status.

A person engaged in some private job used to tell his friends of the army job which he had left several years ago. A meat seller used to introduce himself in the name of restraint business. Lately, a cunning builder approached a lady lord for purchasing her flat on the fourth floor of a building. He tried to convince her in a very deceitful way. As his social position maintained him as a very honest man, so the lady owner relied on his words. Later she was apprised of her financial loss if she disposed of her property to that man. She then made up her mind not to throw away her flat on cheaper rates. This was their mannerism which annoyed others. In an actual way exaggeration is a trick to befool honest individuals.