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Lajat Sharma of "Baap Ki Adalat" fame in contention for Nobel, Pulitzer

14, Sep 2014 By Main Mowgli

Lajat Sharma of India TV shot to international fame since his show, Baap ki Adalat with Yogi Adityanath, was aired. But that was not all. He has now been announced as a ‘nominated finalist’ at the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. After changing the minds and thoughts of millions all over the world, it was sent as an entrant to Pulitzer. The jury was particularly moved by Lajat Sharma’s response to Yogi Adityanath’s statements. They feel one of the most memorable part of the show was when Yogi Adityanath spoke unapologetically, “….if people in this country denigrate Shahid Smarak at Azad Maidan, Mumbai for some issue in Myanmar, if they burn the houses of citizens to protest a Danish cartoonist, we will be forced to defend the weak and give them a befitting reply”.

Lajat Sharma responded with words of gold, ” I suggest we should talk to them with love …” .

This particular conversation and response of Lajat Sharma sparked various emotions all over the world. The Pulitzer jury, as per their traditions, got it thoroughly investigated for it’s efficacy before nominating it as a finalist. “It was necessary since there have allegations that most journalists nominate themselves so that they could gift themselves the title of ‘Pulitzer’ nominee”, said a member of the administration. “We hired Arnab PoGoswami and Burkha Fatt for the job. We were convinced that they were the perfect two to lead this investigative story. They assembled a group of flop journalists and were appropriately named “Love Jihad” (Holy war for Love).

One of the jury members who had knowledge of the entire story revealed, “The first use-case was to persuade India’s Most wanted, Dawood Abraham, with only doses of love, as suggested by Lajat. The team was sent to the world-famous ‘secret’ safe-house in Pakistan. Dawood’s initial hesitance was crushed by Arnab PoGoswami’s threats to dedicate a Special Edition Newshour discussion on him. He was lovingly forced to watch the show and listen to the inspiring quotes of Lajat Sharma”.  In a later interview with Faking News, Arnab PoGoswami says, “Interestingly, his initial hesitance soon disappeared as he was glued to the show. After the episode,  he decided to stop all his illegal activities. He apologized for all his acts and declared his retirement. He also decided to donate his assets and his ‘Company’ in India to Al-Qaeda for social work”. Burkha adds,  “The show inspired him to lead a life with dignity. Post retirement, he wants to open a Terror Coaching Institute and has written to the Pakistani Government for free land”.

“Soon a meeting with ISI followed, which too had expected results” said the Insider. Burkha Fatt recalls the matter in depth. “General Waheerul Islam was in tears”, she recalls. ” He couldn’t stop crying. His immediate orders were to cease all their anti-India activities. But as for a true leader, he wasn’t indifferent towards his force. So that they don’t die of boredom, they have now been asked to investigate other critical matters of public interest, like, the lack of form of the Pakistani cricket team and the secret recipe of Onion Rava Masala Dosa. He was also very grateful to us, referring us to some of his close friends, who were now top Taliban leaders in Afghanistan”.

Bolstered by the immense success, the group met the Talibani leaders at a posh hotel in Islamabad. Their lovely conversations on Lajat Sharma’s expressions of love persuaded the Taliban to tow the path of peace. A 6-point peace agreement was signed which enlisted critical terms like non-interference of foreign military, a one-sided ceasefire by Afghan forces, greater rights for terrorists and representation in the UN Security Council. They promised to reduce their efforts to brainwash a particular community, and will also work towards a prosperous and talibanised Afghanistan. They have also promised to restore Bamiyan’s heritage, this time with carved statues of Osamaji and Omarji (referring to Mullah Omar, not any Chief minister).

Citing the success of the group, KATO decided to strengthen their forces in Iraq with love quotes, “We Love You” cards and heart-shaped stuffed toys. The B2 bombers would not be used for carpet-bombing, but for laying red carpets for ISIS(IS) and other factions. ISIS is widely expected to respond in a similar manner. Rumors are that they too have decided to limit violence to certain agreed conditions, including the long standing demands of limiting terror activities to Weekdays (and also a half day on Friday) and the monthly killings to a maximum of 15000 humans (ofcourse, with no limits on Kaafirs).

The jury cited the results to nominate this exceptional finalist. One of the jury anonymously mentioned, “I was really influenced by Lajat. We believe such journalism, if recognized, would inspire our future and youth”. Amid the anxiety as India waits for the winner to be declared, there are strong indications that he has being considered for the Nobel Prize for Peace.