Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Keep swine flu afar by salutation

23, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: We are continuously under threat of deadly diseases. There is no respite from this observable fact. Our politicians do not care much of the people. First, the doctors found no trouble in greeting by the handshake, later they suggested for covering nose & mouth and now recommending salutation by the indigenous way of namaste.They advised the common people for the hand-shake merely for removing the misconception behind the deadly disease like AIDS.

At the present, the chest expert Dr SK Katiyar cleared by saying that our indigenous culture allows us greeting through folding hands which can save us effectively from the fatal swine flu. As the virus of this disease enters into the human body through the pigs, the civic bodies do not start an effective drive against the pig menace. These animals are openly found roaming in this city’s Jajmau area here. These animals are seen on the heaps and the roads filled with foul water. It is often alleged that the pig menace continues owing to some kind of overt influence.

When the deadly virus is attacking the weak human body quickly, there is urgent need to root out the cause of this problem. There must not be allowed the pig straying on the roads or the streets openly. It is also being indicated that the coming month is the fittest time for this swine flu disease. What a surprising thing for the poor people! August remained bad for very obvious reasons and September awaits another worries and troubles. The ideal temperature for the growth of its virus commonly stays behind between 30 to 37 degrees. Just as the temperature goes down to 30 degree Celsius its virus begins to die down. As many as 30 patients suffering from this fatal disease have been spotted in the city areas. It has also been reported of seven deaths so far.