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Kareena sticks with stick & carrot view

13, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When there is nothing important to share with the media, the film personalities talk over insignificant matters. Just as we find how the popular film actress Kareena Kapoor talks about her child’s interest in camera and husband’s orange shorts. Although she did not miss criticising media photographers for discarding her habit of wearing exercising dress. Proper dress sense is the most sought after quality.

On one side she appreciated her child’s habit of snapshots by media photographers while on another hand, she blames them for abandoning her work-out costume. She seems to be following American stick and carrot principle. She blows hot and cold with the same vein. It is her wit and proper understanding of the situation which made her comment so civilly.

Throwing away her tight exercise wear she appreciated her hubby’s orange shorts. She went on saying that he prettily looked nicer in gym outfit. His gym-look was quite appealing for her. Caring a fig for others’ views on his dress sense, he used to move in the shorts. Whatever appeared satisfactory for him remained his choice for the past several years. She even mentioned that he had been sporting such kinds of clothes for the last one decade as far as she observed.

Undeniably, a wife cannot tolerate her husband’s peculiar dress. The wives commonly keep their constant roving eyes on what should their husband wear, how should they walk, what food should they prefer and what not. At a building when one wife with furrowed brows and bottom lips found her husband moving in pyjama she persistently asked him to put right the loose wear’s length. However, another wife in the next building did not heed her husband’s standing in shorts with a big protruding belly on the balcony. Some think about and several others do not bother about. This is a real tendency.