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Journalists and Seculars angry over Vaidik for interviewing Hafiz Saeed ahead of them

22, Jul 2014 By manithan

Vaidik seen here with Kejriwal and Yechury. Nobody said that he is AAP and Communists, as he shared dias with them.

New Delhi: It was a horrible week for the unknown, unseen journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik. While his own website claims that he, as a journalist, had travelled to many countries and had got many awards, nobody credited him as journalist because he did not appear in any of the Page3 parties.

Though VP Vaidik himself revealed that he has worked more with Congress than BJP, the long-time ruler of India is very adamant about linking him with BJP. Congress leader, Vari Shankar Prasad said, “Vaidik was with Ramdev. Ramdev campaigned for BJP. So, Vaidik belongs to BJP. BJP had sent him on secret mission to Pakistan to meet Hafiz Saeed. We want Modi to resign for this. “

Eventhough Vaidik was part of delegation that included prominent journalists from India, none of them other than Vaidik himself had got the valuable chance to meet Saeedji. Digvijay Singh is reported to be at the pinnacle of his jealousy, when he tweeted, “I had called him Saheb. But, he prefers to meet some vaidik before me. This is atrocious. hate you saeed saheb.”

Salman Khurshid and Mani Shankar Aiyar were perplexed over how this unknown journalist Vaidik, got hold of Saeed’s residence and even managed to take photo with him. Khurshid said, “BJP knows the location of Saeed and that is why sent Vaidik on secret mission. But, Vaidik, who was trained for secret mission accidentally revealed his photos himself. This shows the state of intelligence agences in conducting covert missions. Indira Gandhi madam would had axed those officers, if she came to know of this Vaidik.”

Arnab was already in “no-holds-barred” as he was waiting for the Twitter trend #ArnabFightsWithSaeed to top the worldwide trends and place himself on the ring with the international journalists. He was seen to be depressed and even stopped appearing on newshour. He was telling his close friends, in the past few weeks, about a full-scale attack on Hafiz Saeed and making him surrender to his questions within a hour, if he could get a chance of interview with Saeed. “But, now, Vaidik is clearly ahead of all of them”, one of Arnab’s close friend said. Other prominent journos like Siddarth, Barkha and the Sardesai couples are said to have written a petition to PTI to ban Vaidik from doing any form of journalism anymore.

Certain insider sources from almost all of the kingpin journalists reveal that they are worried about the support they showed for Saeed/Pakistani fighters during Mumbai attacks by helping them find targets and their failure to retribute that deed, by giving priority to some unknown journo.

Vaidik was relentless in bragging about his height of journalism, when our reporter asked to reveal about what happened in the interview. He went on saying,”You know, when aliens used to visit earth, they will arrange for an interview of them. Last time, when these guys from Andromeda came here to Allahabad, I was having a hour interview with them.” But, he did stop for a moment, to say, “I missed one thing though in that interview with Saeed. I should have taken a selfie and media would have termed it as ‘Saedfie’ or ‘Haffie'”.