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Journalist Que to Be Editor at Faking News

06, Apr 2015 By abhikar

Ever since, faking news have come online, many journalists are eying to be part of news portal as they think. Its the only place where true journalism is at show, these days. Journalism is fourth pillar of democracy and most new age journalist feel, its faking news which has become that fourth pillar.

The reason for the tremendous growth is fact that faking news is the one which is showing the real news 24 hours by its citizen journalist and in house team who are working hard on their laptops to create news instantly. In fact, many of main stream media journalists have been asked to check out faking news for latest news by their bosses and learn from faking news to create news stories.

Faking News: A real-time journalism
Faking News: A real-time journalism

All media houses have decided to create an in house reporter team, whose only job would be to “create news”. These employees should have creative mind to project new stories and should have potential to make a small thing into so big that even Obama should know about it. A classic example is given if someone is about to slip on road, they should start targeting government for not cleaning the place, and show how bad our police system is for not finding who had thrown the banana peel. Then time to target poor state of hospitals for not treating someone who was about to fall on the ground because of a banana skin. At last, even opposition should be targeted for not raising the right questions like who has thrown the banana skin. And in some prime time, an actress, and one Dolly Bindra kind of lady and  fifty others freely available people should be called and asked to fight on topic. And if anchor finds volume of fight going down, he should himself jump and provide hi-octane entertainment.

An insider in media industry revealed, an expert in entertainment and cricket is treated with utmost respect in the industry as they are the ones who come on prime times. Those who do investigation journalism are asked to have check on politicians’ GFs. Another skill that is a must, is eating chewing gum, as everyone knows the only one who can chew his gum for 1 hour can make a two min story into one hour prime time show.

News channels have now when found competition with Faking News, have started recruiting resources like content writer, graphic designers and story teller instead of reporters. All reporters who had habit of sitting in the AC rooms for their stories now find difficulty in finding jobs for themselves as they can’t move out of office/home for interviews.

Seeing the difficulty of journalists, even politicians who are duty bound to be ready to help these struggling journalists by providing news stories on their email which they can be copied pasted as news.

A recent graduate of Top Communication School who has got package of Rs 20 lakh per annum, said he bagged the job as he could easily answered  all the questions related to TRP, entertainment and cricket correctly. Only question he didn’t knew was out of syllabus, i.e., Problems of Farmers. However, he proudly said he covered that by answering correctly who is going to do dance performance in IPL 2015.

Now, time for me to go and have some PR done with some corporate biggies and politicians. Even citizen journalist like me gets an invite now a days. Will sure share the menu details with you guys in the next post.