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Jealous of protest at Caravan, Editors demand more controversial articles

08, Feb 2014 By parthya

DELHI: After the Friday’s violent protests outside offices of Caravan India magazine, Journalism industry insiders believe more and more controversial articles will be published in coming time.

“There is no thrill as exciting as, no award bigger than, a violent mob protesting against you in journalism”, said a famous editor on condition of anonymity and a bottle of Old Monk, adding, “such protests give moral authority to label others as fascists”.

Hindu Sena protests at The Caravan office
It made Breaking News

Another editor who has seen received such threats in his time, reminisced his glory days, “Ah, threats to life and arson. I get an adrenaline rush. I recounted all such victorious events in my memoir. Even the memoir was so controversial that some copies were burned in front of my house as well. With that experience, I had to write another volume. All is great as long as you do come out of it alive.”

Sources tell FN that, in this case, jealousy within journalists increased due to stream of tweets from the journalists from Caravan. A writer told FN, “Couldn’t stand the tweets of pictures of protests from them, as if only they do serious journalism. We also free speech, man.” He also added that now that his Editor is demanding controversial articles from him, he is working on piece on SRK and Salman Khan rivalry.

Publishers are happy as well, although for different reason. A publisher said, “As long as people buy copies of our magazines we are happy, whether to read it or burn it.”

It is also learned that some media houses are moving into offices shaped like Toll Booths hoping MNS vandalize them accidentally out of habit.

FN also tried to contact the Hindu Sena, outfit which protested at Caravan office. But its leader Vishnu Gupta was very busy on account of upcoming protests. This correspondent had to run for his life when he sneaked name of FN in the list of target media houses.