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ISIS praises Arnab Goswami, offers him the role of their chief spokesperson

16, Sep 2014 By ashu

As a mark of his ever growing popularity, Arnab Goswami has earned praise from terrorist organization ISIS for his fearless anchoring and have decided to offer him the post of their Chief Spokesperson. Arnab who has been solving India’s problem day in day out for over an year along with his eminent panel is highly rated by the militant group.

arnab goswami
“The name is Arnab, Arnab Goswami”

ISIS today released a statement saying, “Arnab Goswami is a man of action, does not let others speak, hates the western countries and hates Al Qaeda. These are the qualities of a true ISIS fighter. We need people like him to join the war to establish the caliphate in Iraq and Syria. It would be an honour to have him on board as our spokesperson.”

ISIS have also planned a special one hour debate with Barack Obama , David Cameroon and SanjayJha if Arnab does decide to join them . CIA sources have confirmed that Arnab Goswami has indeed been offered a hefty sum and thirteen I Phone 6 handsets by the ISIS to join them, which is roughly equivalent to the economy of Pakistan.

Back home, this news has generated a controversy of sorts with Arnab’s rival channels whom he claims have a million times less viewership than his , wanting a CBI probe in the matter. A journalist who lost hundreds of followers on twitter after her name popping up in the 2G case and one of Arnab’s fiercest rival told Faking news, “I speak and act equally good as Mr Goswami, but see who is in the limelight. I have already received several messages from my fans stating that ISIS should have offered me the post.  This is only the tip of the iceberg and I have written to the government for a thorough probe.”