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Inspired by OLX ad, college girls start selling household items; give parents a hard time

02, Jul 2014 By planetdeepak

Mumbai. Mr. Kumar received a shock of his life when his car went missing from the garage. Suspecting theft he was about to call police when Priya, his 19 year old daughter, admitted she sold it on OLX. She revealed that the latest OLX ad gave her this bright idea. The ad shows a college girl, making Rs 45000, her first year college fees, by selling scooty, study table, computer, books and two paintings on OLX.

OLX Sellphone
Priya finding something new to sell off

“Just like the girl in the advertisement, I too felt guilty about my parents paying for my studies. I wanted to do something on my own and this ad showed me the way,” said an innocent looking Priya.

Mrs. Ahuja faced a similar situation when she noticed that antique vases, crockery and paintings started disappearing from her house. “At first I was suspicious of my maid Kanta and cook Ramu, but found them innocent. I feared that my son Rohit has become a drug addict and was doing petty thefts to buy drugs. It was only when I noticed Dolly, my 20 year old daughter, wearing expensive dresses and makeup, that I realized who the culprit was,” said a fuming Mrs. Ahuja.

Giving her version of the story Dolly said, “This year, I got admission in Xavier’s College. There I’m under tremendous pressure to dress well and look good. All these branded dresses and cosmetics are so expensive; I simply can’t afford them with my limited pocket-money. I was getting depressed as my friends started avoiding me for repeating dresses. I was on the verge of becoming an outcast, when I saw this advertisement. Thanks to my ‘sellphone’, I can now easily cope up with peer pressure without stretching hands before my parents.”

Our campus reporter visited various city colleges to feel the pulse. The ad is fast gaining popularly among girls from all colleges. “It is one of the best ways for girls to become independent and self reliant,” said Neha, a second year student supporting the ad.

The most interesting of all reactions came from Rehana, a final year student at NIFT. “I was getting bored flirting with these guys, who paid for my movies, parties, diners and gifts. After watching the OLX ad, I easily make 15-20K a month selling household items and don’t have to handle these stupid guys anymore. I’m really feeling like a Woomaniya.”