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Inspired by movie 'Nayak', UPA agrees to make Arnab Goswami PM for one day

06, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

As we all know that UPA is not able to manage the Financial crisis, Chinese Intrusion and other things properly. So UPA has decided to make Arnab Goswami Prime Minister of India only for one day and see what difference  can he bring to the table besides seeking answers of questions from some man called “Nation”.

Our reporter asked UPA Spokesperson “Is it not like Nayak movie in which Anil Kapoor played same kind of character?”

arnab goswami
The nation wants to know what will Arnab to do in that one day.

“Yes, you are absolutely right. Actually we all are inspired from the movie. And we are all already convinced with his leadership qualities from his Newshour Debate. He is always passionate about India and believes in depth analysis of any issue with same enthusiasm as he is doing first time. We like his positive energy which is lacking in current Prime minister. ” he replied.

“But all this is on the TV set and may not work in real life?” asked our reporter.

“But I already told you that we have got inspiration from movie. We are doing it on experimental basis and its only for one day. If he won’t be able to make impact then people will come to know about his originality. ” clarified the spokesperson.

“Our main motto is to show him that how difficult is to manage the nation rather than doing fiery TV debates,” he said

Meanwhile Anil Kapoor is on cloud nine when he came to know that his movie is going to have impact in real life.