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Indian Express to start Fake News section; to let its main journos to work as usual for that section

08, May 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: The famous newspaper, The Indian Express (IE), is now planning to expand its foray into the fake news section. And, they are not going to look for satirists or other similar fake news writers. They are going to employ their existing journalists for that new section.

By starting Fake News section, Indian Express can avoid wasting its spaces for apologies like these
By starting Fake News section, Indian Express can avoid wasting its spaces for apologies like these

Speaking to Faking News, a highly placed source in IE said, “We have a great set of talent spinners with us. For the past few months, we had been spinning so many events in our paper that RCB’s Vijay Mallya once tried to poach few of our spinners to bowl for his IPL team. Our Editor-in-Chief got tensed and it was then we decided to retain our best talents. The ugly Twitter Right wingers were complaining that we are faking the news and the RSS-Mossad funded OpIndia website tried to defame us by exposing our spins. It was then one of our respected senior journalists threw the idea that made us venture into new zone now.”

“The senior journo said ‘if we could do spinning and publish fake news in our front page and pass it as a real story, why not start a fake news section? If gullible majority of journos from other newspapers could outrage based on our fake news, does it not mean that we have mastered the art of faking?’. It was a moral boost for all of us. I had been faking news for IE since past 5 months and I even threatened my boss that I might apply for Faking News and become their arch-nemesis. Seems there were similar threats which forced the management to start a new Fake News section.” he said.

When asked about modus operandi, he said, “There won’t be any difference in our style of working. We will be working as usual. The only difference is that our investigative pieces will appear under Fake News section. This arrangement is more like a ‘two mangoes in single stone’. Journos will be happy that their pieces are getting published and newspaper doesn’t need to waste space for daily apologies.”