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India to have two Governments after the next election: One for social media and other for paid media

30, Jul 2013 By dhaporshankh

New Delhi: In the current scenario where all the decisions taken by the central government of India are being criticized over internet, they are often failing to receive any positive criticism over any issue, the people over internet demands to change the government after every statement made by either the government or any of its members, the current government came with a new plan where the future elections will be held in a different way.  Those who are a part of social media will vote on the sites they prefer and those who are not will vote as they used to. People those who don’t want to consider any of these options will be considered in the support of the current government by default.

After this announcement there is a very high probability of a huge increase in the price of buying likes and followers. People those who are celebs on these networking sites may get an offer to contest for the elections. It is also being heard from the inside sources that the owners of the social networking sites may demand to be a part of the Indian Social networking government.

The opposition feels very sure about forming the Social networking government since they think that they have a very strong reach to the people over internet. Their party spokesperson said that now half the job has been done for us and we will try our best for the rest. In the response to this the spokesperson of the current government said that their best will never be enough for the rest and once the election is over the shouting over social media will be meaningless as well.