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Imposter of Virat Kohli dupes Arnab's BBC!

17, Mar 2015 By escapevelocity

Just a day after the news of Nadeem Abbasi’s imposter duping BBC broke, another such incident came into light in our very own country. And this time its our own cricketing hero Virat Kohli who became the victim. And the duped person was none  other than Arnab Goswami!

Shehzad resembling Virat Kohli

Pakistani player Ahmed Shezad who closely resembles Kohli duped the news channel of a large undisclosed sum  and that too in its most famous show “The Newshour wants to know.” Shezad posed as Kohli attended the show without anyone realizing that its an imposter (Not even Sanjay Jha who was staying in a tent outside the news channel). When our correspondent questioned him on the incident, he was busy reading a book called “Defending Rahul-Baba”.

When asked to comment on the incident, Arnab said, “When I interview someone I only focus on what the nation has to know (wants to know) and not at the guests appearance. Also Shehzad was well behaved and spoke only in bits and pieces (viz. Yes, No, Ok, Sure, But, Let me, Please, How, Finish), so obviously I had no scope to focus on who the guest was”.

When fakingnews representative tried to contact Shezad on his home landline number, the call was answered by Mr. Shezad’s domestic help who said that Mr. Shezad was busy (betting) investing in cricket and paying all the pending household bills. A senior Pakistani cricketer’s imposter stated that this is just another innovative way of making money at a time Pakistani players are not paid well for their services to the nation.

When our correspondent tried to contact Kohli for his comment, all he could hear was a hybrid version of Hindi and Mandarin, which went like this “M#&***#, B%^&*%$$D, C$%#$^, B!##@@%DK”. Unable to understand the same, Fakingnews sent the recording to FBI for decoding. Internal sources however say that Kohli wanted to punch Shezad on his nose and teach him a lesson.

The issue was further politicized and Loksabha sessions were stalled due to protests from all the opposition parties. Congress spokesperson said that they are relieved to have found a reason for the day to stall the parliament sessions. “We thank Shezad for coming up with such an innovative plan of making money as an imposter and we demand that this be included under MNREGA with immediate effect”, said the spokesperson. Also internal sources say that congress is trying to prove that it was Rahul’s imposter in Arnab’s show held 2 years ago that was mocked at by the world media.