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I&B ministry builds intelligence that displays "bogus alert" upon detecting falsified broadcast of news

06, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi, India: The ministry of Information and Broadcasting is reportedly pilot testing a broadcast monitoring system called PTN – “Paid News Trapper”. As per the ministry officials, the system is all set to go on air in the coming month. Our reporters spoke to the ministry in-charge Mr. Arun Jaitley and here is what he had to say about the new system.

Here are a few news items that have high chances of receiving bogus alerts.
Here are a few news items that have high chances of receiving bogus alerts.

“After a lot of thought process, hard work and perseverancethat has gone into the design and build of this system, we are on the verge of making the PNT system live across entire Indian broadcasting range. This is basically a gating system that will ensure false, manipulated and incomplete news will be identified as ‘bogus’ and alert will be displayed instantly on the television screen. This is being done to inculcate an atmosphere of a positive and healthy competition in the media that has gone above and beyond in a negative direction leading anguish among people.”

We asked the minister a few questions on how PNT would work, to which replied, “Channels showing news in a sensation mode will be prompted with a ‘bogus’ logo if sensation levels are found capable of increasing human blood pressure. Neither arrows nor surrounding circles will be tolerated on screen as we’ve found the viewers’ ability to point out an object on screen is well beyond what news channels think. There will also be a limit on headline animation, now the headlines can scroll only in two directions instead of three hundred. Miscreants will be called miscreants irrespective of religion and if religion names are identified in transcript, the channel will immediately go into a mute mode for an hour. Wardrobe malfunctions are going to be banned. If people are really interested, they can directly go to fashion shows and wait for a malfunction.”

Sources say efforts are being made to build tools that will curb excessive levels of anger and retort on television, which according to health ministry, has led to a 5% increase in migraine cases in India. It is believed that some media heads have gone into a tizzy as they heard this news and some even fired their staff that made big deal out of cleavages.