Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Hugh lived life of womaniser!

01, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What to say of the past royals or the present-day spirituals the playboy founder lived a long life of womaniser. He claimed to have linked with women coming in the four figures. He seemed to have outsmarted those royal personalities who were known for keeping wives in three figures. Their ruined palaces still reverberate with chuckles but the numbers of one thousand ladies have crossed their exceptional profusion of the females. A few fake spiritualists, however, also established this abundance in their vast precincts. Nothing seems to have changed for the richest people.

The restriction of one wife appears to be prescribed for commoners. Today, the practice of the four marriages is also mocked at widely. What is considered ideal prominently is one-woman marriage. As this standard is deemed a parameter for the happy life. However, the marriage which exists for the legitimate procreation becomes small before the rich men. They openly poke fun at one woman norm as was reported in Hugh’s case. The death of this prominent publishing icon at the prime old age of 91 years might have proved it. His name with the girlie magazine Playboy made him distinguished and the world felt his potentiality of sleeping with more than 1000 women as a great deed. Has he not outwitted one jailed Baba in India?

We used to be surprised at the royal ‘harem’ position but Hefner’s claims are even more startling. He lived with one woman for roughly five days in a week if we take into account the one thousand numbers. A fashionable model even said that the magazine founder was too shy but how could his shyness compel him to sleep with so many females? He remained generous with his much younger final wife Harris Crystal because he did not want to end up alone from his habit of switching girls. She was sixty years his junior when she had married him in 2012 following 36 months of dating. She remained a loyal companion with Hefner until death did them separate on this Sept 27.  She has gained as many as five million dollars and a 5900 sq foot house. Though Hefner’s incredible life dangled between many highs and lows including divorces, he reversed the past theories of keeping women in his mansion.