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Huffington Post apologizes to Sonia for not considering CWG and other scams while calculating net worth

04, Dec 2013 By remilnr

In their latest news release, Huffington post has apologized to Mrs.Sonia Gandhi and her followers for miscalculating her assets and putting her way down in their Richest World Leaders list.

Destined to be number one.
Destined to be number one.

The list published three days back by Huffington post had gone viral in India and it also led to many controversies and arguments. The list placed Sonia Gandhi at rank#12 with just 2 billion $ assets and only 6 places above British Queen Elizabeth. This led to nationwide protests of congress workers and Huffington post have now came forward with an apology.

The latest news release by Huffpost clarifies that they have only counted the assets that Mrs.Gandhi earned from 2G Scam alone and has not considered her earnings from CWG, Telgi, Hawala, Coalgate, Choppergate, Railgate and a dozen other scams.

“It will take us a few weeks at least to make estimate of her full wealth and make the new list. And if we get details of her Swiss bank account and the money she inherited from Bofors scam, then it might even take months. Honestly, we don’t have enough manpower now to make estimates of such big amount of wealth”-an insider on the Huffington post said.

Interestingly, Mrs.Gandhi is planning to go to court and Election Commision against Huffingtom post for defaming her and putting her way down in the list than where she actually deserve.

Hamare Madam kisike bhi peeche nahi hein. Madam ko #1 mein dalna chahiye, ye list Bajpa ka sadhish hein. Hum iske khilaf E.C aur court mein appeal karega. Iske upar CBI enquiry bhi hoga” -congress spokesperson told media.

As usual, Congress leader Digvijay Singh also rose to the occasion and was furious over the fact that Sonia’s beta Rahul’s and damatha Vadera’s millions were not considered by Huffpost, while they even counted the waist string on Prince William’s new born beta as assets of Elizabeth.

With the apology from Huffpost, the tension among congress workers has relaxed a bit. They are now eagerly waiting for the new list hoping that their madam will be definitely ranked #1.