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How Arnab’s master stroke baffled his competitors (in pictures)

04, Feb 2014 By Amol Khanolkar

Popularity of NewsHour, Times Now and Arnab Goswami was at all-time high !!!

Times Now Domination
Times Now Domination

So the other competitors puzzled by his popularity started hunting for ideas to win the race and  gain  TRP

Barkha, RajDeep and Rahul stunned with NewsHour’s popularity

Finally they found one who could bring them back in race. Guess who?

TRP Booster

All of them took his interview ,repeatedly  telecasted it more than 3-4  times in a day.  Hurray!!!! Popularity of other channels sky rocketed. They even sent  a letter to the management asking for an early appraisal. All of them were extremely happy and thought Arnab was in deep trouble . But …………………

Frankly Speaking with RaGa

Arnab had a  masterstroke in store. Just one interview took everyone from Twitter to Facebook for a ride. Even his opponents held debates on contents of  that interview for a couple of days.

Finally Times Now and Arnab were on top of TRP/Popularity race as before with more than 2.5 million tweets in a couple of hours