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Hard Talk: Arnab interviews the batman's joker

28, May 2014 By debarishidhar

All of us are big fans of Arnab Goswami and his eye opening interviews. Here is a excerpt from one of his unreleased interview with the joker.

Arnab: So Joker welcome to hard-talk for the first time and I must tell you that we feels extremely honored to have Batman’s greatest enemy as our guest tonight.

Joker: Its my honor you see. You are an agent of chaos just like me. I love it when you bring sensible people on your show and by the time the show ends they become like us.

Rahul vs Arnab
Arnab interviews Joker

Arnab: My first question is: What is it that you have that the other villains don’t?

Joker: How about a magic trick? I’m gonna make this pencil disappear. Ta-daa! It’s… it’s gone.(Blinds Arnab)

Arnab: You stupid moron, whats wrong with you? I thought we were brothers in chaos!!!

Joker: I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger!

Arnab: How can you say something so absurb and think about getting away. The nation wants to now what do you mean by ‘stranger’ and why were you trying to kill me?

Joker: I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you?

Arnab: Moving on, what is your take on Ben Affleck playing batman?

Joker: You know how I got these scars? Christian Bale was my friend, I was sad when he said no to future batman movies. I wanted to smile again but I couldn’t. I went to the barber and told him to put a smile on my face and he did.  Then I heard about Ben and I couldn’t stand it.  Now I cant even get rid of this smile.

Arnab: I understand your pain and I am sure millions of our viewers agree. It was pleasure having you. I hope we can do this again. Thank You