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Hard Hindi can be deadly

23, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The discussion on Hindi-medium education seems to have received extra attention since the day a Hindi film with this title has invaded the box office. A very queer approach is persisting in our society in regard to the Hindi Medium education. Today we are addicted to receiving English medium education in the name of quality education. The new generation is convinced to believe of the Hindi-medium education unimpressive. They show a strong dislike for the Hindi-medium education. It cannot be denied that the families seeking matches for the boys look for English medium educated brides. However, there are individuals sticking to the Hindi-medium education.

Ask him about Hindi
Ask him about Hindi

A family favouring the language tried to test a girl’s knowledge about Hindi by varied questions. The girl was too competent to act in response with diligence. The senior member of the family was very much impressed with this dexterity of the educated girl. Influenced by this skill that elderly woman called the girl and asked her to sit by her side. The girl was somewhat perplexed at this situation but she agreed in principle.

Actually, that aged woman thought of a suitable match for her for the employed son. That is why her interest ignited in the girl’s manners and ability. Measuring the girl’s inherent qualities from every angle she let the girl apprise her of the exact qualification. How can the girl wait a little longer in such a situation? With all the natural way she said that she had just completed her computer engineering course from the IIT here. But that respectable elderly woman wanted to hear from her every detail in Hindi. Therefore, the girl was emphatically asked to provide the details in the Hindi language. The girl corrected her by saying netra netra chai, the Hindi version of IIT. The words brought the old woman in coma instantly. The doctors’ expert team are still studying this case.