Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Ground realities of mobile service

07, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  A minister learns of the mobile tower signal by climbing a tree. The villagers told him that they used to get the network by this way. It was a definitely cumbersome way to get connected on mobile. Irked with this inaccuracy Mantriji immediately directed the officials concerned to set up the mobile towers for improved signals in the village of Rajasthan. He reached the rural area to experience directly the ground realities of Digital India dream. His visit to that particular village certainly paved the way for altering the villagers’ life wholly.

While an urban mobile consumer in Uttar Pradesh was dazed to learn from the Vodafone consumer care agent which compelled him to experience something abnormal. It was a great experience for the villagers when the Mantriji climbed a tree for the signal but what revealed the Vodafone agent depressed the humble consumer. At least the minister ordered for several corrective measures in the village. But the mobile network agent was not changing his view despite the consumer’s correction. The minister experienced the ground realities of Digital India dream while the hapless consumer realised that he did not possess connection of the mobile company so far.

The Rajasthan minister lost no time in ordering whatever required for bringing improvement in the village but the Vodafone consumer was shocked to know the most up-to-date piece of information from the Vodafone Consumer Care. He was dazed to learn from the agent concerned that the number he was calling is absolutely not of the Vodafone. Being years’ old consumer of the Vodafone network, the consumer has felt the minute intensity of volcanic activity beneath his feet when the network’s agent revealed this shocking fact to him. For a couple of seconds, he has no words to speak. The connection was not disconnected so he kept on muttering how it can be; he has been constantly recharging and using its facility. The consumer has repeated his emphatic words thrice or more. Subsequently, the slumbering agent coming to his senses accepted his grave aberration. He maintained that the number was absolutely of the Vodafone network. How disturbing it is that agents responding to the consumers’ queries fail to recognise the mobile numbers of their company.The mobile users had to undergo such tribulation too.