Friday, 20th April, 2018

God's blessings stay by male priest

18, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Leaving the door open a little so as to hear the conversation between the two divergent persons the neighbour was reading the morning newspaper. What he listened to was quite mirthful at that point of time. As the tow stout persons were approaching towards the door one made a query to another, “Why does the male person usually conduct religious rites in the temples?” The other person looked a little surprised at the question. “Yes, you are reasonably right”, answered back the man at once as if he relished the enquiry with the final delirium.

‘Well, if you do not respond, sir, nobody will consider,’ continued the man with a sniff. ‘Let me ponder over the point raised by you, the first one frowned as though trying to tax his mind for an appropriate answer. He also nodded thoughtfully after reaching just at the door. When both of them entered the drawing room, the host did not fail to salute them respectfully and later one of them engaged the well-mannered host in thorough conversation. A mention of the question somehow softened the host’s talkative nature. That was not ludicrous as it was very simple and plain.

Meanwhile, the host quite conversant with them asked why they put on always a knotty matter. He has known them for the past several years. Although the question was a good bit tough yet they were pottering around the host for a quick reply. Therefore the host bowed his head in assent and told them that only male pujaris are assigned the task of performing rituals so that the devotees would pay extra attention to the worship. Afterwards, they remarked, “You had the most scientific mind. You were obviously a very clever man. You also acquired the status of being a conscientious and honest behaviour.”