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Garbage also bursts like clouds

02, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Not only the water laden clouds burst with thunder up above the sky but the mounds of the garbage on the ground also burst with the same intensity. This can also cause a situation which we face during the natural disaster. Cars were swept off the road and fell into the Kondli canal. The roads remain blocked for hours. The noxious gases emanating within the heaps of garbage eventually did not endure the pressure and it fell down.

A mound of garbage is risky for us. What has been thrown out from our precincts can definitely cause the problem. This was revealed when an 80-foot heap of garbage collapsed suddenly at a massive dumping site in Delhi recently. Despite the people’s rigorous anger continuation of these dangerous dumps allowed for the past about 33 years.

As the reports said that a giant pile of garbage quivered and collapsed causing damage to not only vehicles but some human lives have also lost in this happening. If the dumping ground was a little deep the garbage would not have created so much damage, as residents believed. They were ardently raising their voice against this pain in the neck. Since 1984 this dumping site flourished and ultimately caused havoc for the people. The rubbish should be thrown into the big shallow hole under the ground.

The garbage ground was stinking with unbearable stinks and toxic litter. People words brought no impact on the civic authorities. Being one among the oldest three dumping sites in Delhi the bursting of this mound made the National Disaster Relief Force team came for the people’s help. The mighty cranes were put into service for clearing the roads covered with the trash all around. This site caters to the very need of the east, central and older quarters of Delhi.