Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Friendship decided, love undecided!

10, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It might be for the first time that the two famous actors’ love or friendship has been unintentionally put together with Obamas. If they feel affection for each other and their earthly friendships are growing over the time, there is no need for undue publicity. It has already been said that they are not Barak Obama and Michelle Obama to make their relationship public. There is nothing wrong if they are moving ahead with their expressive companionship in the films or another way. They ably coordinated for the first time in the film Fukrey in the year of 2013. They were recently found together at Venice Film Festival where they attended the premiere of the flick Victoria & Abdul.

Thank God! Their names have not been linked with Osama otherwise it would have been a great joke of the time. Though there is only one letter difference between these two ‘names’ there is enough variance in the meaning. Both have attained sufficient fame in their respective lives. The actors certainly require no promotion and publicity for their escalating love as has been said in the media. But linkage with the Obamas is somewhat odd and strange. Richa Chadha herself denies the need for publicity of the love relations. Richa and Ali are obviously actors in the strict terms.

She has also flayed the social media trollers for taking interest in her private life. She has dismissed everything as ridiculous and pointless. Their love seems to be dragged into the precincts of much-publicised term love-Jihad. Strange things do come to upset actors’ feelings which are always not apt and good. If Ali Fazal has said of strengthening their friendship with the passage of time it could not be seen as out of the ordinary in the context of the considerable assertive statement.