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Foreign sites lure Mr Perfectionist

21, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why has Amir Khan chosen Italy for holidays?  He appeared to have not found any suitable place in his own wonderful country. That was why he was enjoying vacations in that hilly part of the world. Our country too had similar beautiful spots and splendid hills. Despite the perfections in the country, Mr Perfectionist was consciously finding ideal comfort and regular relief along with his family in the far-off land.

Several people are of opinion that it was better for him to visit the country’s every nook and corner and understand what really India is. There are ample sites for relaxing in the country’s atmosphere. The more he perceived indigenous places, the more he would bring precision in his films. It is appropriately said that politics and cinema demand deep attachment with people’s mind. So, if he wants to provide us nicer films, he must not avoid country’s eye-catching spots.

When the film-goers expect meaningful feature films from him, he should also focus on the country’s proper locations for his coming films. The presentation of foreign sites in the picture is always not considered fit. The spot which comes to our sight is never indigenous. We more often find the overseas picturesque scenes far dissimilar from ours. The natural beauty of the scenic spots captures beholders’ eyes equally. So, why does he not select country’s fascinating places?

Following completion of Malta schedule of the film Thugs of Hindostan, he has been enjoying the holiday trip for the past two weeks in Italy. So long as the programme for promoting his ensuing film Secret Superstar is not finalised, he is supposed to be enjoying tension free days in Italian ambience. Our psychological aspiration for moving, seeing and knowing newer places forces us to visit far-off places where everything looks novel and fresh.