Sunday, 18th February, 2018

Flesh creeps & sides ache at daft reply

16, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Sometimes the students’ answer used to be very bewildering to the teacher. Once the teacher was indicting a student for her poor marks in even English subject before his parent, then he assured her of securing eighty percent marks in that subject next time. It was quite uncomfortable for the junior class science teacher when she learnt of the students’ answer in response to her question on solar energy. Science being a tough subject normally annoys the students most often. Their interest hardly ever spawns in it. The teacher put the simple question before the little students but their grasp over the subject was nowhere matching with the response in a humble way.

The question which the newly appointed subject teacher raised before the class was very plain and straightforward one. It was asked so: Mention the name of one thing which took shape with the help of solar energy. Being a purely natural energy its use has become very widespread through the technological development. Generating electricity is the most common useful power which is extracted from the blazing sun’s source.

When the students heard of the teacher’s query they were for a few minutes stunned because she was not habitual of grilling the students through the unacceptable questions. They started thinking of the exact answer to the hard question. In such a tender age they remain busy in viewing cartoon network so how could they reply instantly. One brave student got up and answered in a swift manner. He knew his answer was not up to the teacher’s satisfaction yet he ventured to respond.  He came back with the answer that it was definitely mythological Karan, Kunti’s son. The teacher turned so angry that he took the student in the field and left her there in a traditional position of punishment.