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First death anniversary of deadly bacteria: Analysis of their role as a father, sibling and reproducer in human body

06, May 2017 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: Reporters from popular media house “The Squint” have reportedly created a record by performing an analysis of something which was never thought of by anyone around the globe before.Bacteria-750x563

These investigative reporters are said to have analyzed the happy times some of the deadliest bacteria have experienced in human bodies as part of their routine invasion. The bacteria in picture have reportedly killed a few human beings before they were got rid off.

“Bacteria have no differences among them or any special preferences, they are the most peaceful. They can attack any human being irrespective of caste, creed, sex, sexual preference, facebook popularity, Twitter followers etc.”, said Bhengalal as we started our conversation asking questions about their analysis.

“Bacteria are not considered as equals by the white blood cells, which is really a cause of concern for the cell fraternity. Celebrities are affected in the same way as common man, hence they are the quintessence of anti-discrimination.

“Every living being is made up of cells, just like bacteria. While the bacteria are in body, they feed on food humans eat exactly like other human cells. When cell is a cell, and it is being fed in the same way, there should be equality in cellular society”, said Bhengalal.

“These bacteria fed their wives and children with human food playing great role as a husband and father”, Bhengalal said.

As per our sources, these reporters are the same ones who had failed in Biology over and over in their 10th standard, followed by flunking in intermediate biology course, before finally choosing journalism as a career.