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Fired STAR Sports official makes an expose about profane commentary

07, Nov 2013 By dhvanilraval

A spokesperson for Star Sports, who has recently gone rogue admitted that one of the Start Sports Channels was conceptualized to have ‘profane’ commentary.

The channel which has come out with a brand new format, as detailed by the first two pages of Times of India on the 6th of November, 2013, was caught up in a social media mess just yesterday.

A profane tweet which said, ‘chup betic**d’ was posted on their handle. It was quickly removed, but not before it received more than a hundred retweets, 25 favourites, and ‘god-knows-how-many screenshots,’ in the words of a haggard official. The above evidence puts this blooper in a new light.

Close Your eyes for Censor

Judas Kumar, who was recently fired by the popular sports channel has come forward with some incriminating documentation, which suggests that Star Sports had conceptualized a channel which was going to telecast matches with profane commentary.

‘There is a big market for gaalis out there,’ quipped Judas. ‘The best example is Virat. Everybody loves his “aggression”. Even the girls don’t mind when he uses more gaali than prepositions.’ Judas pointed out that the profane tweet was part of a market potential test, checking to see how well the public responds to “badass” and “aggressive” profanity on Twitter. ‘It doesn’t seem to have worked out well,’ Judas said. ‘We were looking at a minimum of 300 re-tweets and 50 favourites. But that didn’t happen, and no celebrity except Jackie Shroff would endorse anything profane on Twitter.’

Judas pointed out that the failure of the market potential test caused a hasty rehash in the company’s strategy. Another Star Sports employee, who chose to stay unnamed also went on record to ask the following question, ‘When the ToI piece says a “Sports Revolution Starts Today”, what do you media people think it meant?’ Answers to questions like “why did Star Sports take 4 hours to tweet and apology” were tied in to this new finding.

Judas also has some incriminating documents – signed permissions to broadcast profane content on live TV by the BCCC. ‘They didn’t mind because it was an optional channel, and because our commentary model was making the whole content really difficult to censor,’ Judas says, before quickly adding, ‘we had also obtained the blessings of Kapil Sibal-ji for this.’ Manish Tiwari was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, company officials called this a laughable idea. ‘He is just lashing out at us, because he got fired. That too, for his own incompetence,’ said an annoyed Uday Shankar, CEO of STAR networks.

Faking News is still awaiting an official comment regarding the documentation presented by Judas Kumar.