Friday, 20th April, 2018

Feudal fine in turbulent times

22, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: What is novel cannot be harsh? What is harsh can never be new? There appears to be a strong connection between these points. A unique stern punishment has come to light on breaking the traffic rules in our neighbouring country. Why do we often come across extraordinarily odd news in the Indian sub-continent? This is certainly not as harsh as the saliva licking incident of Bihar. If one sentence is strictly aimed at improving one’s irresponsible behaviour, another social indictment is wholly inhuman. We are definitely living in the noticeable democratic world then what is the implication of the feudal fine in today’s tumultuous times?

It is of no special interest. A state like Bihar—where the feudal policy persisted in giving such severe arraignment­—is the burning question of the hour. Though that incident was compared with the Stone Age society, it gives more a look of feudal mentality and mindset. A 34-year-old man was condemned for flouting the traffic rules by the Pakistani Court. He was directed to remain standing with a plaque in hand propagating message in regard to traffic awareness on the road for at least two hours on every Friday in one calendar year. This is more or less looking like the tough military order in order to discipline the law-breakers.

This will also be considered as corrective action. While the Bihar barber’s punishment through the Panchayat does not indicate well for the civilised society. The 54-year-old claimed that he was unaware that only women were present in the village house. An elderly barber was allegedly made to make spit on the ground and lick his spit before being beaten up with slippers by the rural women over such a small matter. His video exposed how was he stooped so low to perform the grisly act?