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'Fareed a Fake' - Arnob

22, Sep 2014 By sambitdash

Leading Indian journalist and head of the shouting brigade Arnob has ridiculed the recently aired interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (popularized by #TheModiInterview) by CNN.

He has gone on to call Fareed (of the Fareed Zakaria fame and other infamy) a fake. He has reiterated, at a decibel that rendered Firstpost’s interviewer partially deaf, that his own interview of Prime Minister Modi is the only credible interview ever given in the history of Indian journalism.

He lambasted the interview telling that it ended even before it began. Mr Arnob said, “The total duration of the interview was as long as I say ‘no’ to my panelists in The Newshour each night. It cannot and I repeat it cannot qualify as an interview’. He was scathing in his comments on Mr Zakaria. ‘Hindi is not my first language and I had forgotten it when I was in Oxford, but still I re-learnt it to interview the likes of Raj Thackrey and Shri Modi. The nation demands to know couldn’t Mr Zakaria learn Hindi for this interview?”

Mr Arnob rolled on the floor laughing when it was pointed to him that no interjection was made during the interview. “Mr Fareed was talking as if he is asking his jhaalmuri vendor how jhaalmuri is made; how can you call an interview an interview when at least the journalist doesn’t stop the interviewee a minimum of 3 times in a minute!’ he thundered. The shift in emotion from laughter to rage baffled the Firstpost correspondent.

When asked about the Twitter trend #TheModiInterview had, Mr Arnob scoffed telling that his trend was at the top for a month. He predicted the life of this trend to be one day only. About the brownie point that CNN IBN earned by declaring that they scooped the first Modi interview after he took office Mr Arnob had to say this: ‘The other channels live in a fool’s paradise. The PM committed a blunder in giving them an interview. It is actually the American lobby working. This interview will not remain fresh in peoples memory if I do not shout about it in the Newshour. Because Newshour is that one show which 95% of India’s population watch’.

Mr Arnob pointed that there are some bigger interviews lined up for his channel. Bilawal Bhutto in a face-off with Rahul Gandhi, masked executioner of ISIS, Alibaba (he thinks that’s the name of the guy), the DD reporter who lost job for the Xi=11 controversy, and Karnataka MLAs who returned from junket are scheduled for interviews and Mr Arnob is certain he shall grab more TRPs that the Zakaria interview.

In his concluding remarks he said that ‘Fareed could pull it off because I do not work on weekends. He is fake, he cheated. by having it on a Sunday. What does he know about interviewing Indian politicians! On weekdays when the clock strikes 9, mothers tell their kids to go study else they will switch on Newshour.’