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Faking news shockingly wins the best news channel award

28, Jan 2014 By ankitanks

In a surprising but easily understandable development, faking news has won the most prestigious news channel award. This award is given to the news house that demonstrates the most real, the most unbiased, and most the “unpaid” news reports. Though it is a surprise that the award went to a channel that has “faking” in its name, the decision of the committee awarding the prize was unanimous.

“It is very clear that, fortunately or unfortunately, faking news is the best and the closest when it comes to reporting the actual ground realities of any news report.” said a judge, while all other judges nodded in agreement. “And no doubt, it is the most unbiased among all news channels, being the only channel with apparently no paid news.”

The daily readers and fans of faking news feel that it is not a surprise. “I have been reading faking news ever since it started. When it comes to making a parody of any party or individual by exposing his truth, faking news is totally impartial. Every party is equally at the receiving end. Also, the news reporting here is more sensible and has much more truth as compared to any other news channel i know, be it a regional, a national, or an international case.” said a reader.

Meanwhile, all other news channels have decided to boycott the award ceremony and not show this in their news reports. Of course it would reduce their credibility if reported, but apparently, that was not the reason for their boycott, because when faking news reporters asked popular national news channels if they could cover the development, they replied “Of course, but you see, nothing is free these days. We will only demand a nominal amount to put it up.” When we did a string operation and threatened to report their demand for bribe, their response was “We are a news channel! How can we survive without bribes? And who is going to publish your sting operation anyway? You can only put it up in your own website”.

Realizing that bitter truth, we gave up. We are satisfied with the fact that we are the truest and most unbiased news channel, irrespective of the fact that we will never be well recognized, and only a handful of our readers will ever know that. But we shall always proudly keep providing you with the “most true and unbiased” news.