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Expert on Israel-Palestine conflict fails to locate Gaza on map during TV debate

01, Dec 2012 By Sandeep Kadian

Mr. Rajan Kumar, a professional TV debate expert was caught in an embarrassing situation last night when he failed to locate Gaza on the world map during a live debate on Israel-Palestine conflict on Times Wow news channel.

In a first for the channel, the 9 PM debate was being conducted in front of a live studio audience to increase audience participation. Mr. Kumar was giving his solution for the ongoing conflict between Israel & Palestine for an hour before the anchor; Mr. Urban Swami opened the floor to questions from the audience.

This Faking News reporter, who was present in the audience decided to ask a question just for the sake of it when they refused to remove the camera from his face. The question asked was “Sir I agree with the solution you have proposed but can you just point out on a world map where Gaza is for people like me who don’t know.”

Map of Israel
The expert was shown this map and got totally confused over the status of Palestine

Little did we know that this simple question will shock our leading expert on Israel-Palestine conflict.

After taking a long pause, Mr. Kumar drew a circle around the Panama Canal and claimed that is the Gaza strip.

When this reporter pointed out the error to him, he simply smiled and said “Let us just agree to disagree and move on.”

This is not the first time when Mr. Rajan has been caught on the wrong foot during a debate. A few weeks back, he talked about Income Tax laws in India for 15 minutes before the host pointed out that the debate is on Information Technology laws and not Income Tax laws. While acting as a cricket expert few weeks prior to that, he had asked Sachin to shoulder the blame and retire after India’s exit from the world T20.

After speculations that he may finally be dropped as an expert, the anchor of the show, Mr. Swami has come out in defense of his expert blaming the poor lighting in the studio for the error. “It was hard to see the map properly due to the low lighting we had in the studio to reflect the morbid situation in Gaza.” He said

As of now, it is unclear whether Mr. Rajan Kumar will continue to be the leading expert on every topic during TV debates but our detectives did discover that his sleeping bag is still in the news studios.