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Engineering college bans "The Newshour" during ragging period

17, Aug 2014 By ashmish2

Following complaints from first year engineer students, Ved Pratap institute of engineering has banned The Newshour during ragging period.

arnab goswami

On asking first year engineering student Abhijit Mukherjee, he said, “Seniors in the college are forcing them to see The Newshour alone for hours. This is causing mental depression, headache, nausea and claustrophobia among students. One student even left the college and moved to Bhutan as they follow Gross National Happiness. Many students started feeling that there is some controversy even in their birth. For some, senior even forced to eat hostel food after watching The Newshour.”

Some students even said they preferred physical ragging over this.

Ved Pratap institute of engineering, known for its discipline and mannerism have strict rules against physical ragging. Dean Of Student Affairs (DOSA) Ravi Prasad told that they immediately acted on the situation and made this punishable offense as well. On questioning what they will be doing for the students suffering from mental depression. He said, “We are aware that there are several students feeling the depression. Our psychiatrist has prescribed watching Frankly speaking with Raj Thakerey done by the same anchor”.

Meanwhile, on asking the anchor of “The Newhour” Kharnab about this, he refused to comment and said he will debate this in Newshour.