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Engineer watching business channels for ten years due to pretty news anchors without understanding anything

23, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Gurgaon: Faking News has recently discovered a man who has been watching business channels such as CNBC TV 18 for more than a decade without understanding a word being spoken about, all due to the prettiness of their female news anchors.

News Anchors
No matter what you say

Tadapit Kumar, a software engineer by profession, apparently started watching the news channels during his engineering college days and got so addicted to the beauty of their anchors that he could not stop watching.

“My friends put me on to these business news channels in the first year of engineering college,” Tadapit said. “I have never been able to understand a word but the news anchors are so pretty that I have not been able to change the channel for ten years now. They keep saying intelligent and difficult sounding things while looking incredibly pretty; what can I do? I am just helpless.”

“I am sure you understand, don’t you?” he asked this reporter, hoping to seek commiseration.

When asked what he thought “Sensex” was, Tadapit replied shyly, “It’s when a software engineer manages to get laid… ideally by a pretty news anchor. I believe I would end up inventing a new sex position if it happened to me,” he said, beaming.