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Educating rants of Khees Kumar

05, Aug 2014 By khakshar

Media watchers have been critical of  TV Channels not realizing life beyond Delhi  or in this case headlines beyond Delhi.

A  section of media has been introspective and critical of itself too. A famous TV anchor of a Hindi channel “Kheesh Kumar or खीश कुमार ” rants regularly about the umpteenth issue being raised without any movement forward. What he manages not to tell is about the same set of questions and analysis on the same issue, he has been raising  time and again.

To be fair to the media, can one resist the amount of the drama in and around Delhi. How can one remain amiss when Natwar Singh is publicly reminding Abhishek Manu Singhvi about a certain video. Or for that matter when the group of Macaques stage  dharna at Jantar Mantar or the Langurs move freely  in the around Parliament, can any Journalist worth his salt be left untouched.

Add to this the time to time  glorification of Delhi by leaders like the earlier Lieutenant Governor Mr.Tejinder Khanna, Mrs. Shiela Dixit and Mr.Goel off late. Mr.Goel  was critical of the education system of Bihar and UP. His own party men  have not taken kindly to the statement. How can the Media ignore when our esteemed representative get Delhi-Belly after eating stale food. Other than the non stop entertainment in Delhi , Media Personnel say like the Food chain Advertisement  “I’m Loving it” in Delhi .

Meanwhile many leader in UP and Bihar have taken Mr.Vijay Goel’s comments seriously.  The state Government of Uttam Pradesh has taken remedial measures to improve the quality of education. Introduction of new courses has been initiated under the able leadership of the CM. The Samajwadi Supremo monitors the functioning of new courses himself. He is very Particular that “Bachhe” get practical experience too. The Samajwadis have taken to this in a manner which can’t be explained due to limitation of space in this article. It can be at best exemplified by Incidents in MohanGanj, Badaun e.t.c

Bihar seems to catching up fat to improve the education system.  The Minister of Animal Husbandry was stuck in a College for nearly Six Hours. Denying that the local populace had kept him hostage , he said that he was designing the campus so that it could match the much touted ever upcoming Nalanda University. Locals were of the view that the land of College was on a “Robert Trail”. In colloquial Hindi, “Robert Trail” means arranging new land. It is learnt that the Minister had a Petrol Pump in mind after the “Robert Trail”.

Another Women Member of Legislative assembly took it in her own hands to demonstrate her Dream Vocational Education Project. She exhibited exemplary trait in Martial Arts with the Lady Marshals in the well of Assembly. The Lady MLA in question wants to start a Girls Educational Institute of repute in and around Aurrangad , Bihar. Her recent glory was show of slipper , upside down to senior Superintendent of Police.

Many in the media are meanwhile cursing Mr. Goel for shifting the focus far from Delhi.