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Durga Shakti Nagpal rues her parents didn't force her into being an Engineer or Doctor

05, Aug 2013 By Unusual Medico

Suspended IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal has, for the first time, agreed to speak to the media. She chose to sit down for only one interview and Faking News was the obvious choice.

On being questioned if she had any regrets for all the mess around her, she shot back with a loud NO, but later she conceded that she acted foolishly and blamed the laws which she unknowingly took seriously. She rued that no one taught her how an IAS officer was supposed to “work”.

Durga Shakti Nagpal
She had it enough

When asked whom she thought was behind her suspension, she, without any delay, pointed her finger at her parents. She said that her childhood friends were currently either engineers or doctors, even though they too had planned to become civil servants.

She regretted that her parents didn’t forcibly marry off at an early age, or didn’t even force her into engineering/medicine studies later.

She concluded the interview with a few suggestions for the society:

1. For the parents : If you think you were being modern/open-minded by letting your children choose any career of their choice, please know that they would be regretting it one day. Close your minds or you could be closing the gates of prosperity for your children.

2. For the students : If you try acting patriotic or have any feelings like serving your motherland, bury them right away. My childhood friends own property worth crores and I have nothing, not even a job now.

With this she concluded the interview since she had to complete her profile on and look for another job immediately.

(reporter: @Jaykrishna94 on twitter)