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Doordarshan anchor who was fired for wrongly reading Chinese President's name, recalls horror internship days

22, Sep 2014 By guptarohit

Delhi: In a bizarre turn of events, a  former Doordarshan anchor has come out to the media recalling horrors of his internship days at the newsroom. The anchor, after submitting his resignation, has took to social media platforms to express his concerns within the DD newsroom.

The anchor called him eleven.

This comes days after a “casual” anchor was fired from the newsroom for reading the Chinese President’s name wrongly on the broadcast. The anchor mentioned his name as “Eleven” mistaking the “Xi”.

The former intern said, “I was forced to read out news bulletins that didn’t make any sense. In the sports section, I was forced to read out “F1” as “Help”, because it was reviewed by a tech savvy writer who didn’t even know a sport called “Formula 1″ existed.”

He added, “Because of the lack of dedicated workforce, I would have to wait for a news to break on another private channel, then modify their content, get the approval from my broadcasting head, which used to take anywhere from an hour to four hours, and then proceed to telecast it.”

Criticizing the workplace, he mentioned, “Also, the cafeteria offers only vegetarian food. Not only that, there are hundreds of Mahatma Gandhi images staring at you as you walk in and out of the office proclaiming ahimsa. It is because of this reason that no news reader is allowed to shout or fight while anchoring, unlike private news channels.”

He, however, admitted missing Chotu, the chai wala, with whom he shared many memories including playing Counter Strike and Age of Empires during evening shifts.