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Different explanations of Malda mangoes in studio

10, Jan 2016 By khakshar

Reasons given for Chacha's act by some Journos other than the mango shooting mangoes
Reasons given for Chacha’s act by some Journos other than the mango shooting mangoes

In normal the national media seems busy with Odd-Even and it’s effect on Delhi’s road while forgetting the ultimate goal of reducing pollution. Fortunately it seems to be working as a special type of pollution is limited to TV studios only. Keeping with trend Kaliachak, Malda, West Bengal has missed news headlines for 48 hours. On second thought media may be right in explaining that riots in Kaliachak do not have Communal colors. They seem to have colors with intention to destroy criminal records, land records , Police Stations and of course homes of Minorities (in that area).

Other than one of the most delicious variety of Mango, Malda’s bordering areas like Kaliachak have become epicentre of anti-national activities. Be it peddling of fake notes, illegal migration, arms factory or smuggling goods from across the border, these areas have always topped the chart.

Normally our Media associates stone pelting with the misguided youth. The misguided youth explanation of our TV journalists seems to have made even Chachas young in Malda. A lady who somehow features as guest columnist in one of the renowned papers went on to add that “Chacha was collecting Malda Aam for Chachi to make pickles” after seeing the photo.