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Decoding "They"

01, Aug 2015 By Pushpendra Singh

We know how much furor was created by Indian Express after Yakub was hanged on 30th July. Whole nation went crazy when everyone woke up in morning with the headline “And They Hanged Yakub”. While most of the Right wing sympathizers aka “Sanghi” took offense of it, some other real intellectuals were quite amused as what did Indian Express actually meant by “they”. All Ultra Nationalist, Jingoist, chauvinist, dentist, Craiglist etc were quick in accusing Indian Express of behaving like an anti national news paper, but at same time there were few sympathizers also who wanted to give IE a benefit of doubt.

They Means..
They Means..

“It’s a fact that we only hanged Yakub so it does not make any sense of saying “They Hanged”, but being an avid English speaker I trust Indian Express’s intelligentsia and there must be some reason behind this. What is that? I certainly don’t know”, that’s what confused Mrunal Bhat has to say, who is a marketing manager and habitual reader of daily “soap” opinion.

But our special team (also writing for Daily “soaps” opinion) decoded this “They” and here is a brief explanation for sci-fi enthusiasts.

If you see Interstellar and read Indian Express’s 30th July edition; you find at least one thing in common that you don’t understand what is the climax of the story. Interstellar looks somewhat understandable until Cooper enters Tesseract (5-D Space) and start seeing his home and daughter in Black hole. Your mind starts asking question what is that? Why it is there? Why is he seeing a library in Black hole? who created that? But the only answer you get is “they”. If sources of IE to be believed these are same “they” who hanged Yakub. IE which is known for investigative journalism believes that there is a bigger conspiracy theory being executed by “they”. Modi is just acting on behalf of “they”. “They” may be some extraterrestrial species belonging to a Saffron colored planet, located at Interstellar distance who wants to make Earth a Hindu planet.

However, when we try reaching to IE editor for their confirmation on this theory they refused to comment over it and gave only one sentence reply that too in a satirical tone – “Ye aur They, dono mile hue hain Ji”.

By the time this article was written, Kip Thorne and Christopher Nolan were unavailable to comment anything over this.