Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Crowned Raavan fined even in Kalyug

03, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Whether it was the ancient tretayug or the modern computerised Kalyug, Raavan had been continuously paying the price of his mistaken deeds. During the past olden time, his clout was ended by the mighty power of that impressive persona whom the Urdu poet-philosopher Mohammed Iqbal described as Imam-e-Hind. At this current time, the traffic police initiated necessary action against violation of the traffic rules. He was caught for not wearing the normal hard, padded helmet. He was moving on his branded motorcycle in a kingly crown. Unaware of the simple fact of living in modern century, he seemed to have forgotten of the Indian precincts.

He might have been engrossed into the characterisation of the Lankan King. He also did not follow the Laxman Rekha which once restricted him from misdeeds. That’s why he was riding roughshod over the country’s traffic standard. This thing caused him pay the fine under the traffic rules. He also forgot that only the helmet was okay to the traffic police. The Crown infringes the standard traffic rules beyond doubt. The crown, the turban, the cap and the towel cannot take the set place of the helmet. It is nonetheless an accepted form of the headdress much in consonance with the road safety norms.

It is due to this particular reason wearing a helmet is required for covering the head while driving on the road. The traffic rules confirm of helmet providing skull protection. Of late, the observant traffic police fined the actor dressed in the costume of the mythological character of Raavan for wearing the kingly crown while driving a motorcycle. He paid the fine for violating the conventional traffic regulation. It has been confirmed Raavan could not escape punishment for his wrong deed even in the Kalyug. If he had faced Lord Rama’s wrath in the olden tretayug there was absolutely nothing improper in view of his fresh blunder.