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Couples' brawl solved by D/L method

08, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Narrating his tale of woe one husband stated that he made a fuss of affable situation by entering into abrupt arguments with his devoted wife. Infuriated with the exchange of unbearable words she also poured all the venoms upon him. For a period of time it appeared they were on verge of separation but thankfully worsening situation did not finish on that luckless disastrous level. They agreed to agree upon some agreeable perception.

Negotiating by D/L method
Negotiating by D/L method

Although she did not avoid contradicting every point hurled in excessive anger yet her sobbing, crying and ultimate weeping brought their pugnacious vanity to conciliation. Her tears were still flowing on the face endorsing the mathematical formulation of the Duckworth-Lewis method generally applied in the limited over cricket match. When the ongoing play gets interrupted by weather or other circumstances, this system is acceptable to both the teams. More or less similar situation happens in couples’ fight.

It is actually those drops of tears coming out of the beautiful eyes following severe mental pain led them to stop for the day. This god-gifted natural trait levelled the husband to the ground within a second. His heart melted like the butter on scorched piece of bread. Moreover, the husband reading his wife’s emotional anguish turned his endless ingenuity to the request for forgiveness that was normally an addendum in a husband-wife brawl.

There is nothing contentious if we endeavour to differentiate between those husbands wishing a long life and the long novels and those who love death and short stories. It is a good moment in time to highlight couples’ bouncy as well as shifting temperaments and habitual catchwords. At some point they let themselves notice stiffness and lack of living association thereby missing the indisputable nature of their marital understanding. If such was not the case practically there would not be an altercation between them on and off.