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Controversial headline published by Indian Express on Yakub Memon was meant to be published in Pakistani Daily

04, Aug 2015 By Golden Tooth

Indian Express raised many eyebrows, when they carried lead headline “And they hanged Yakub Memon”, the next day Menon was hanged. Many were outraged at the usage of “They”, despite it being an Indian Newspaper. Now if our unverified sources are to be believed, the editor in question had received a freelancing assignment from a Pakistan based  Newspaper, which inadvertently got published in the Indian Express. Sources close to him cited sudden bouts of secularistic inebriation as the possible reason behind the goof up.

Faking News Correspondent (FNC) managed to strike a conversation with the Editor on his mobile.

This was for Pakistani Daily. Actual News has been published by fakingnews.
This was for Pakistani Daily. Actual News has been published by fakingnews.

FNC: Sir, do you know “they” are angry with your news headline.

Editor: I know many Indians are outraged at what was published.  But it was just an editorial error.

FNC: But we heard it from our sources that it was actually meant for a Pakistani Newspaper

Editor: Being a journalist it’s not unfair to have journalistic exchanges between the two countries. If we have expertise in writing secular material, it shouldn’t be a problem to share it with our neighbors.

FNC: Journalistic Exchanges? Even if that undermines the integrity of the country and questions the judiciary, that underpins your liberty to say something that you ideally shouldn’t be saying?

Editor:  Yakub himself said, he didn’t do it. Salman Said he didn’t do it. 300 eminent intellectual liberals  said he didn’t deserve the punishment, then why did “they” proceed with hanging?

FNC:  You listened to the convict; you listened to Salman and the liberal intellectuals. But did you ever bother to listen to what the 1000 odd families of the victims have to say?  Did you bother to fathom what the evidence say? Do you think the high court and Supreme Court are incompetent and have made mistakes in interpreting the evidences?

Editor:  So you are trying to gain an upper pedestal by criticizing a seasoned journalist?  Let me make it clear to you, there ain’t any problem with our journalism.

FNC:  Sir, when a news about a terrorist hanging is published as an obituary which sidelines the death of a president that made our nation, you know there is a problem,.

Editor: If you think we have a problem.  Let it be.  There is still a lot of people who agrees to what we published. [Hung Up] If journalistic sources are to believed, Indian Express is seriously contemplating on public suggestion to change its tagline from “Journalism with courage” to “Journalism with outrage”.