Monday, 19th March, 2018

City's college bemoans its shiny past

08, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Where once teaching was a matter of status is now moaning for its very existence. The students are no longer taking interest in seeking admission to this intermediate college where once very eminent personalities received education by renowned teachers. This glorious educational institution had been established in the posh Civil Lines area here in the year of 1919. Being an old educational institution it certainly holds a glorious past. But now it has almost lost its educational glare and teaching perfection. Where once teachers used to impart quality education is weeping blood in anguish. It is obviously irony of the time.

Being an intermediate college it has been failing to attract students for taking admission. The remnant teachers totalling about 34 are trying hard to bring the students to this college where not more than 230 students are presently enrolled. If we look at the number of students from class VI to intermediate class the number certainly confound us to a greater extent. While we find the British era English medium schools get tremendous praise from the parents even today.  The contrast is that Hindi-medium schools in the city areas do not receive that much notice. The parents die for seeking admission in the prestigious schools but none shows interest in this similar period schools.

Set up by the name of D.A.V. Inter College at the city’s Civil Lines area here it is lacking its past glory. The building, of course, exists there but the students are showing disinterest in receiving education to this temple of education. It is owing to reason the students are not thronging there. The teachers are securing salaries but they have to complain about the students’ short strength. The teaching work is growing weaker in every class. It is however not a pale fleck of the past days’ shadow but a complete abandonment.