Sunday, 17th December, 2017

How could we chuck tobacco chewing?

07, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Certain habits do not depart and tobacco chewing is one among them. Despite all the bad effects of the tobacco consumption, the users do not leave this habit. One may ask why does not the welfare-oriented government does not put a blanket ban on its manufacturing. When the users are constantly hammered to learn of its worse impact on the health, their inclination towards frequent intake does not die down.

This habit forces its users to either close the mouth or continue to mutter irrelevant words. The mouth remains stuffed with the scented tobacco leaves and its users do not readily like to throw out of the mouth. The user feels a different kind of thrill while chewing its ingredients. It wholly depends on the user’s whims when to release the augmented saliva or how long store inside the mouth space. This is exceptional exercise as only its user can do this feat.

We most often come across rising price of the tobacco but we seldom go through an item of news informing us of the tumult of people marching to the Gandhi’s last resting place with this superlative pledge of discarding the use of tobacco. The tobacco users are the potent threat to country’s Clean India Mission as they are spreading insanitation in their own particular mode of action. Wherever they start spitting freely, that spot, that corner, that wall or that roadside space are sooner stained with dark red. There are rules to control public places from dirtiness, but none dares to check such kind of people.

When one tobacco user told his companion, he has come to know of hike in the rate of tobacco pouches. Will this not upset every genuine Gutkha user? There is no need to worry much. We will increase the duration of keeping tobacco in the mouth. We shall surely delay in spitting by half-an-hour. Whatever situation may arise, we can find out a calm course, said the accompanying person.