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Chhillar & Chillar discussed strictly

21, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Chhillar and Chillar are dissimilar terms and its meanings are poles apart. The first refers to the Jats of Cheema clan settled in Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh while other pronunciation connotes loose coins of the currency.  Below one-rupee coinage like one paisa, two paise, three paise, five paise, ten paise, twenty paise and fifty paise covered under this terminology. However, all these coinages are no longer in the practical circulation. Then the very use of the slang has no veracity and standing.  Moving to the surname Chhillar its origin directly connects with the King Udaya Simha Chauhan of Jalor in Rajasthan, a contemporary of Sultan Altmash.

Where does Chillar manage to survive in the present day tongue? It’s used only in Bambaiya vernacular and also finds link with the kids addressed as Chillar in whatever perspective. This is why we hear of the term Chillar party. Both the words Chhillar and Chillar have lately attained empathy on the micro-blogging site with an aim to leave the readers nerve-jangling. Definitely, their tempers rose up to a higher breathing space level and the pun proved precarious in this wintry weather which appeared to have now set in. Even the National Commission on Women took a serious note of the Tweet that attracted our unwarranted interest.

Shashi Tharoor apologised for its submission in the election environment.Those who desired to take advantage of bilingual brawl got their purposes inadvertently. In the war of words or bilingual joke or simply a humour the tactfulness prevailed upon at the last hours. Surname and demonetisation came in the way of politics. Such things are better undiscussed, some maintain. The girl with Chhillar surname has heightened his community’s name. Being the latest name in the list of acclaimed beauties she pushes the boat out ably.