Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Car owners might be denied LPG subsidy!

08, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The LPG subsidy might be detached from car owners. Only the residents with the lowest incomes can be beneficiaries of this vital source of cooking routine meals. Why the government should be so kind and sympathetic with the car owners.

This facility is aimed for those who had restricted themselves up to the two-wheelers. Though the idea is in initial stage, it sends an unpleasantness among the households where the car stands majestically.

It is the modern day’s sturdy horse like the olden days’ elephant or horse. There will be a direct impact on car sale as probable purchasers would shy away by fear of exclusion.

They would be compelled to pay not only more for purchasing the required cooking cylinders but also start considering sale of their motors for returning to actual beneficiary position.

In this way they will also have to fight a dual war of saving their status quo and searching via media for maintaining the car as usual.  So far the subsidised cooking gas provides us with a deep sense of enduring emotional support.

The government might be thinking of the car ownership that clearly shows the robust fiscal health. So, the car owners might be refused the subsidised facility of the LPG cylinders.Is it saner idea for the people?

The vigilant government would most probably make a Pahal in curbing their pretence of poverty for obtaining the cooking gas 14.2 kg cylinder on the financial assistance.

A lot of people were taking benefits despite being two or three car owners. Earlier, those beneficiaries were excluded from the subsidy benefits last year whose annual income exceeded Rs ten lakh.

The government has launched the Give It Up campaign, rolled out DBTL in all districts, linked LPG connection with the Aadhaar for better target on subsidy.