Friday, 20th April, 2018

How can we ignore psychology?

30, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Do not neglect the psychology–it is significant. Since, at the moment, it is not only an established feeling but there is definite substantiation on this temperament. People show a tendency towards scolding one another by animals’ names while animals are upgraded with the human names. This is as much a reality as any truthful fact can possibly be. There is no doubt in this revelation as such actuality reflects sufficiently in exchange of the name. Every single name that anyone assumes is frankly open to the most categorical meaning. Why do we feel ideas too much? It might have been owing to our too much deep feeling.

That boy who bats an eyelid over study is commonly addressed as Gaddha. That man who works all the time is described as Ghhoda. That a person of medium height is named as Panda while of tall stature is christened as Giraffe and of course, the plump man is identified as Camel (Ount) or Elephant (Haathi). If this is found in the way of names, there are buffaloes entitled as Samrat, Sultan and Shahenshah selling at the animals fair organised at Jhajjar in Haryana. Just by these very names, these Murra breed buffaloes were drawing buyers’ attention at the prominent fair.

Did these names occur to the animals’ sellers all of a sudden? No, that is not in harmony with their mentality. It is merely decided to increase the face value of the displayed animals in the fair. With the human names, the price and the popularity suddenly jump to a higher level. Generally, people avoid the modern-day popular trend of the selfies with the blackish buffaloes but it is exclusively unique human being names goading visitors in this direction. Everything is so simple, really. Everything is joyfulness and feel a fondness for the animals.