Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Brave are those who marry in life

26, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The trend of making girlfriends is common these days. This is one more curse of the western society. The traditional society seems to have accepted this reality of the modern day. What is common more in the foreign countries has seeped into our way of life? There is no compunction of accepting the presence of the girlfriend in one’s life. We find this mood in persons of every age group. What is viewed on the electronic media somewhere affects our lives too.

It can also be one impact of the kind of education the young students are being imparted. It looks as if more stress is laid upon show rather than the quality of education. The multi-pocketed school bag should be trendy, the water bottle should be of a different category, the copies should be a superior company and above all the writing pens must be the latest technique with unique features. The modern-day students never focus on the study as these things inculcate in them a sense of modernity. Glittering appearance attracts the opposite sex for the beginning of the friendship.

When some people were overheard conversing on this existing phase of this revolting trend, they made it clear one practical fact. This was the main reason of teaching their daughters at the girls’ schools. Even some parents were said to have requested the class teacher to separate girl students at the seating plan. While venting different views on this type of male-female companionship, one well-dressed person told that it was the weak-hearted men who indulged in befriending the fair sex. It was their fragile hearts which goaded them to eagerly initiate such inclination or thoughts. But at the same time, he did not stop praising those fearless brave-hearted men who used to invite the lifetime risks by entering into the nuptials.