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Boy changes WhatsApp group icon of Jesus Christ, Media reports Christians in India under attack

24, Jul 2015 By shonaknaik20

Lucknow. A boy from UP shocked the whole India on Monday morning as he removed the WhatsApp group icon having the image of Jesus Christ as per the reports of NDTV. The WhatsApp group has 37 members, with 28 Hindus, 6 Muslims and 3 Christians.

The groups name was recently changed to “Bahubali vs Bajrangi Bhaijan” by some of the ‘bhai ke fans’. But the group icon was last updated on Easter with a image showing Jesus Christ. One of the boy in the group decided to change this group icon as it didn’t match the group name.

Prime time discussion on this topic is expected on many news channels
Prime time discussion on this topic is expected on many news channels

This led to huge uproar as one of the group members, Sekoolar Sarkar, claimed that this was an aggressive and communal act. This caused the Christian members to take notice, with one member named Joe Gabriel registering a complaint against this in the nearest police station.

He said, “This is unacceptable. How can he change the group icon. India is a secular country, one cannot simply overlook the minorities here. This is a attack on Christians. Narendra Modi should speak on this.” (NDTV retweeted this). A few Christian groups are expecting the Pope to condemn this act.

Meanwhile, the congress was seen aggressive on this issue. They assured the minorities of their safety in India. Our sources say, the Congress is planning to disrupt the parliament proceedings till the Prime Minister doesn’t speak on this.

Sambit Patra is reportedly seen on every channel defending his party’s stand on the issue. The RSS, VHP and Bajrangi Dal are reportedly quite on this issue.

After this incident, one of a Christian resident from Goa has said he will never vote for BJP, accusing them of masterminding this incident.

Meanwhile the boy who changed the group icon has said he wanted to change the group icon to ‘Bahubali’ as he liked the movie and backed the movie in the debate regarding Bahubali vs Bajrangi Bhaijan.

Few ‘bhai ke fans’ from that respective WhatsApp group said, “This is a very unfortunate incident. We demand the arrest of that boy immediately. Not because he has disturbed the secular fabric of India, but because he went against Bhai. No one can go against Bhai. Bhai is the best. Bhai is god. Bhai is life. Bhai is world. Bhai is……”