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Bogus ration card holders could stir up

16, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A tough, reasonable and lawful decision has been initiated.But how could it be if a step is going to snatch ration from the mouth of thousands of people regardless of their grade in the register of the supply department? Following a thorough enquiry, as many as 22357 card holders in the city have been disallowed to avail benefits of the ration provided on the economical rates by the state government. In the case of these disgruntled dejected denizens joining hands with the agitating farmers and beseeching Hardik Patel, Arvind Kejriwal and the Congress leaders to grab this burning prior to the declaration of the civic polls in Uttar Pradesh, there would be possibly a different situation.

As reports said they have been bogus units but they are human beings indeed. Do they not deserve any help for being humans? Or, the tag of a human being is limited to the particular category of human beings. Are the poor not entitled to hold the prestigious status of the best souls among innumerable creatures on this living planet? Out of tens of thousands of people living in this business city that number embraces negative value.The cancellation of the ration cards was effected but hunger being a curse becomes a source of agitation too.The poor resort to the state government ration shops for wheat, rice, sugar and K-oil.

They used to be swayed by the shopkeepers’ dilly-dallying approach. On several occasions they are seen returning with sordid long faces. If they happened to receive available items, they looked never satisfied with the scant quantity. What they actually obtained was irritation and dissatisfaction. However, such a big bilking in issuance of the ration cards to the ineligible people shows some off beam practice. All those counterfeit ration cards were cancelled herewith following verification process carried out under the National Food Security Act.