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What Bipasha sees is unseen by stars

12, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why does divorce take place if marriage is a beautiful experience? The old proverb says, “Shaadi wo ladoo hai jo Khaya wo bhi pachchtaye, jo na khaya wo bhi pachchtaye” can’t be wholly wrong. It is a social necessity. It is the permissible relationship in the legitimately authorized way. That’s why Bipasha Basu might have thought that the wedding comprised of a mixture of curated ideas and its checklist required no closing end. Whatever and whatsoever, if this bonding continues amicably it is a nicer thing. That popular actress’ views must have possessed some particular views in regard to this socially accepted traditional norm and obligation. She would have considered that the two opposite persons flattered or let alone, our kindliest fault can destroy our kindliest virtue.  After completion of more than a calendar year, this actress has surfaced with this striking view.

Although she remained in the relationships with Herman Baveja and John Abraham before marrying to Karan Grover yet her present-day husband had married Shraddha Nigam and Jennifer Winget prior to performing a marriage with Bipasha Basu. Both appeared to be committing the same false move the third time. If the tall actress feels happiness in wedded life it must be studied by every couple for the blissful everlasting conjugal life. Her words have a hidden message to every poised indigenous wife. Two people’s contentment is the very foundation of married life. The time a couple stops realising this reality of existence, affliction surrounds the married pair. The balance needs to be maintained at every cost. It is the marriage which establishes so many renewed relations in the society. What Bipasha Basu understood in 365 days is not comprehensible to the actor Salman Khan so far. The cine actors delay in tying the knot relatively. They might be fearing of decline in their single reel value.